About us

We initially started in January 2010. Blake Aaron Lauren was the original founder behind 1P Deportes News Center. Blake Aaron Lauren is the managing director for the YouTube specialists of 1P Deportes News Center, and has been working with a specialty in social media Services since the last five years.

digital sports mediaAdapting to new changes and trends 1P Deportes News Center has gathered a team of well qualified experts to stay up to date on the social media changes, as well as rely on our experts to stay on top of these constant trends in order to ensure that we report only the latest in sports news. Our experts regularly comb the social media to gather, and report new sports info such as current competitions and scores.

One of Massachusetts quickest growing digital sports media companies, 1P Deportes News Center is forefront of a rapidly growing social media world that is constantly evolving. We owe our top notch news reporting to the vast experts of our field, with whom we keep in touch with on a regular basis.

We focus on publishing and curating only the best in sports and the social media industry. 1P Deportes News Center aims to serve both those who work in the field, and even those who have an interest in the going on’s with digital media and sports.

1P Deportes News Center regularly welcomes guest contributions to the site and has regularly invited qualified writers to write for us on a number of occasions. If you’d like to apply for a writer’s position, don’t hesitate to contact us!